Geographically based Augmented Reality models

Platform for uploading 3D models to geographic locations.

This was a AR webserver I developed which allowed people to upload 3D models to the server at a particular latitude, longitude, and elevation. Anyone else could then view the content placed.

Videos and Photos of this project and uploaded models were intentionally removed from this page. :/

I used this platform to address sensitive issues being ignored by a certain population, overlaying AR content onto local monuments in order to reveal the cost of human life incurred by the acheivements celebrated by these monuments. In this project I was focusing on visibility, institutional censorship, and willful ignorance in large social groups and using AR to enable the expression and exposure of this information.

Technical Notes

https Node.js Server using LocalTunnel to expose to world, Three.js, on client using WebGL

Repeated GPS data sampling and averaging to increase precision, device magnometer and accelerometer used to determine global orientation.

Mobile Devices can open and view models, anyone can upload models and place them around the world

Using Augmented Reality package to accurately portray the user's position. This requires the use of Google's WebARonARKit and WebARonARCore development browsers for iOS and Android respectively. These browsers provide access to ARKit and ARCore on their platforms, enabling accurate understanding of the environment and the user within that environment.

Using it, models from the server, tagged with GPS coordinates, are sent to the mobile device where they are placed relative to the mobile device's GPS coordinates. The user, walking around, can then stumble across models placed at geographic locations.