This project was about considering AR in unconventionally theorized locations. AR is often used in heavily urbanized spaces and is focused on bringing discrete and structured digital data into the view of humans. This project sought to challenge this idea of AR being centered around productivity enhancement and data comprehension. It considered the question:

What would AR look like outside of the city and outside of structured data?

It delved into questions of value systems of humans in non-urban and even non-rural environments. Considering small beautiful experiences to be more valuable than increasing consumer product creation/consumption. As such, I created a visual experience as opposted to an interface. Which simply sought to bring something beautiful to a remote, uninhabited, location. Avoiding visuals which might be interpreted as represetations of structured data, I appropriated aspects of nature into ecosystems they don't belong to: Fish on a mountainside.

There are several different schools of fish, some swimming for several miles between the mountain peaks, some smaller reef-like fish hiding in the center where a tree stands. There are also a few dolphins, an eagle ray, and a turtle.

Technical Notes

MagicLeap 1 was used as a display device. Development done in Unity3D.